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1. It's Thursday 6:45 p.m., you're still stuck at the office & urgently need to buy a present for your dinner party hosts...

2. You realize Saturday night your friend/wife/date/mother-in-law has her birthday the next day...

3. You haven't got a clue what to buy & don't feel like going on a shopping spree


That's when our CHERRY GIFT CERTIFICATE comes to your RESCUE:




1. Click on the "add to shopping cart" button &run through the check-out procedure.  You will see transport costs will be added according to the shipping address as what the the lucky recepient chooses will have to be shipped to her;

2. Run through the check-out process;

3. You will receive a confirmation mail with the Gift certificate code. The voucher is one year valid;

4. You either forward this mail with the code to your friend or you print the attached PDF, fill in the fields, put this lovely certificate in an envelope & hand it over sealed with a kiss. This is an ideal way not to come empty handed & still score!

5. The lucky recipient clicks on a present, goes to checkout & simply fills in the code in the box "Gift certificate/Promo code".




1. Your friend buys for less: No worries! It is a reusable voucher, which means he or she can fill in the code on the next shopping trip. The person will receive a mail with the amount she/he can spend next time. So say you give a € 50 voucher, she/he buys for €20. Two months later your friend can choose a present worth €30 by filling in the original code again.


2. Your friend buys for more: she/he simply fills in the code at checkout in the box "Gift certificate/Promo code”, the price difference will appear in the "Order Summary". Let's say this person receives a €20 certificate and buys for €50: the €30 will come out as due to pay.


For questions or help, please mail caroline@thecherryonthecake.com or call +32 477 44 78.


Convenient, simple & a 100% hit rate in making your loved ones happy!

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