Welcome to "The Who", "The What" & "The Where"

Who's acting behind the screen?

The Cherry on the Cake is the first Belgian e-boutique specialised in fashion accessories for women. Behind the screen is a thirty somethinger with the healthy ambition to combine the 24/7 job of being a Mum of 2 small “real” boys with another 24/7 activity that doesn’t:

  1. Scream, talk synch, refuse to touch, eat, look at something pink ‘cause “euuuuuuuuurk that’ s for geuuuuuuuuuuuurls” (we’ll see what they’ll say at 16…)
  2. sk if they can watch “Jom & Terry” followed by “HAHA it’s Tom & Jerry, Mum” (yes, thanks, I know, I’m not that blonde…)
  3. “Just like Mum” yell ( I don’t) in loop (I don’t) their version (I don’t, I know the lyrics) of Madonna's "Dress you up in my Love" (Kabbala, here I come…)

More seriously: central is the passion for original-stylish-cool-cute-refined-hot… earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves,bags… . A passion you can start calling "obsession" once you scan & stop people in the street to ask the brand of their accessories.


What to expect?

1. The cherry on the cake!

Read: accessoires with a triple mission:

  1. Make your highstreet TopShop, Zara, Mango, H&M,... outfit look original & unique;
  2. Help to pay off your Marc Jacobs,Chloé,Gucci,... ensemble by putting it in a different spotlight;
  3. Give your basics a"VAVAVOUM" & "this is new" feeling.

All brands and articles are carefully selected & screened with a focus on a really good price/quality ratio, originality & refinement.

2. Entertainment

Our Magazine and The Cherry Tribune Newsletter:

WE: Contests, freebees, style advice, interviews, updates on new stuff,... Everything in this job is taken seriously, except ourselves. So if we just can make you smile a bit, we're happy!

YOU: Good jokes & stories, receipes, shopping & style advice, product comments,.... Constructieve input is greatly appreciated!

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3. Service

The Cherry on the Cake.com is an e-boutique. Not an e-shop. We want your shopping experience to feel real, pleasant and personal and all this from home in your pyjamas or with a sandwich at work.

TheCherryonTheCake-accessories are wrapped in very nice fuchsia or white paper with a contrasting ribbon & the nice logo sticker. All of this for free to please you or the lucky recepient!

We strive to get back to your queries within 24 hours and ship your parcels upon payment reception.

For more info on practicalities click here.

For extra questions or remarks:

mail caroline@thecherryonthecake.com or call +32 477 44 78 95 (Proximus fee) between 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. C.E.T..


Where to find us?

Obviously not only in cyber space! Please send postcards from the Bahamas or good old fashioned snail mail to the following address: avenue Winston Churchilllaan 39/3- 1180 Brussels. If you're bored to tears or want to do some memory training, you can always learn our V.A.T. number by heart: BE 0893.020.503.